Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Xyron+Fabric+Store Bought Purse=CUTE!

To show off the Xyron Fabric Adhesive for the Creatopia, I decided to alter a simple purse that I found at Target a while back.  You could buy and fabric purse (this one cost under $10) and choose from your own fabric scraps or use fat quarters to embellish it!
Pre-wash all fabrics before using.
Cut circles in different sizes out of the fabric(s) you choose using pinking shears.
Run the circles through the Creatopia with the Fabric refill.
Bunch the circles up as you place them on the purse to get a flower shape.  You can readjust until they're just how you want them because this isn't a permanent adhesive.
Sew circles or lines through the center of your flowers to permanently attach them to the purse.
And sew button centers onto the flowers.

Thanks for looking!

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