Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A few quick quilt pics!

I said that I'd post the quilt once I finished the binding and took pictures, so here it is!

This is it, all finished.  I think I like it, and I would really like to take an intermediate class and learn more about quilting.  I need practice for sure, but I still think I'm missing something when it comes to getting my seams perfect.  I want to be able to make blocks with triangles!

 For the binding, I picked my favorite fabric of the bunch.  It's a pretty funky, modern one and I love it.  If I get to make other things for this room and need to buy something, this will probably be what I choose.

When I originally bought this fabric for the quilt, it was still full price.  When it was time to buy the backing it was half off.  Woohoo for that!  I usually just use muslin, so this is a treat.  My quilt is pretty on both sides :)

Tomorrow I'll be posting about a way to decorate for Halloween on the cheap!  See you then!

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Becky said...

this is gorgeous