Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just two more Halloween projects...

I am so sorry for neglecting my blog this week!  I have been very busy working on other projects and time just got away from me.

This first project was on the Glue Arts blog yesterday.  I bought the kit for this frame at Tuesday Morning a long time ago.  It was supposed to be a baby theme, but I thought it would be cute with Halloween pictures on it.

You could certainly make your own frame pieces from layers of chipboard or cardboard.  I'd cut them into a headstone shape if I was making this from scratch :)

Halloween Stand up frame by Jessica Barnett

Supplies Needed:

Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro with Perma Tac refill

Glue Arts U-Cut-It foam adhesive

Glue Arts Extreme Adhesive squares

Glue Arts Ribbon Adhesive

Echo Park Happy Halloween collection

May Arts webbed weave ribbon

3 Photos

Frame kit (or mdf cut into tombstone shapes)

Black ink

Black pen

Paper trimmer

Edge distresser

Grey satin ribbon

Thin black ribbon

Staple gun

Hot glue gun

Ruffled ribbon

Spider themed embellishments

Black paint and brush




1. Paint the edges of the three shapes and allow to dry.

2. Cover the shapes in papers from the Echo Park Halloween collection using the Glue Glider Pro to attach them. Sand the edges for a clean fit after the papers are attached.

3. Attach ruffled ribbon around the edge of the Happy Halloween sticker with the glue gun, then attach the sticker to the center frame with Glue Arts U-Cut-It foam adhesive.

4. Distress the edges of the photos and mat with the Echo Park papers and the Glue Glider Pro. Add names to the photos with the Echo Park letter stickers. Ink the mats with black ink.

5. Run pieces of grey satin ribbon along the frame pieces, just below center. Attach the pieces with Glue Arts Ribbon adhesive. Use the small Glue Arts Extreme Adhesive squares to attach the May Arts web ribbon over the satin ribbon.

6. Attach the photos to the frame pieces using Glue Arts U-Cut-It foam adhesive.

7. Fill in around the photos and over the ribbon with strips of paper and stickers. Trace around the stickers with black pen to help them stick out against the paper.

8. Attach the frame pieces to each other by stapling short pieces of black ribbon the backs of each piece.

These were the treats that I made for my kids to give out to their friends in class.  I made a total of about 75 of them so they needed to be cheap and easy.  These definitely fit the bill.  Especially with felt on sale for Halloween.
They're just little DumDum suckers.  Square of felt, pipe cleaner at the neck, hot glue on some googly eyes and sharpie for the mouth.  I printed the tags onto patterned paper, then cut, inked and added the name.  That way each kids' suckers just said their names instead of all three of my boy's names. (Also, a big thanks to Kim because she actually did all the inking for me).  The tags are also hot glued to the back of the ghost heads. 
Tucker and my nephew were playing with them and making them fly around and talk to each other at school today, so I guess I did okay.

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