Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CHA Photos!

I am back!  I was so lucky to get to go to CHA.  I knew that I'd be busy, but I had no idea just how busy I'd be the whole time!  I thought I'd get a chance to walk the show for a little bit every day, and that just didn't happen.  I did manage to get 91 pictures, but I'm not sure how :)  Most of them were taken in the morning before most of the companies had even gotten to their booths and some were taken as I walked to our booth.  I apologize for not getting more pictures to share!  The show was a lot of fun and it was nice on the last day that I got to walk around a little bit and talk to some of the people in the different booths.  The girls at the Adornit booth were so nice!  I even chatted to Melissa Frances (without realizing it at first.  Because I'm a dork like that).  Anyway, here is a link to my Flikr pictures!  Have fun looking!

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Shirley Pando said...

how fun! Lucky you!!! :D