Saturday, February 12, 2011

School Treats for the Twins

I decided to make the boys' Valentines this year and when I saw the bags of candy watches and bracelets at CVS I knew they'd be perfect!
I bought some paper at the scrapbook store and measured the candies.  They fit inside a matchbox made of a 3x6" piece of paper.  I was able to get eight matchboxes out of each piece of paper and I made a total of 60 of these little guys.  The twins got the ones that have the punched strip of reddish paper across the front, but I made two others so you could see other ways that they could be embellished. 

The bags of candy were something like $2 each and I bought four.  Not as cheap as paper valentines or anything, but cute and affordable.  The boys really like it when I make things for them to share with their friends.

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