Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grab Bag!

While cleaning my crap room, I found this pattern that I'd printed out a while ago.  I have a lot of printed out patterns and instructions for making mini albums and projects like that but I keep most of them together in a binder so I can grab the whole thing and look through it.
The pattern is from All People Quilt and I obviously thought it was cute when I found it the first time. :)  It's a pretty quick and easy bag to put together and I think it's neat that it gets held a little differently than your average bag.

 I found this fabric for the outside as a remnant at Hobby Lobby and it was only a little over $3.  I already had the black fabric for the lining and used a little leftover quilt batting for the padding so it was a pretty cheap bag!  I also had the flower already (got that at Hobby Lobby too) and thought it made a cute addition to the bag.

This is what it looks like when it's open and plain.  The long handle slips through the short handle and you carry it by the loop that sticks through.  It has six little pockets on the inside too. 

I actually made this bag to take with me this weekend.  I'm actually going out of CHA!!  WOOHOO!  I am so excited that I get to go to the show.  I'll be doing make and takes in the Xyron booth and helping in the Xyron classes, but I'll have a break every day to go look around and drool on everything.  I'm taking my camera, but not my computer so you'll have to wait until Tuesday to see the pictures because I don't come back until late Monday night.  I'm leaving Friday morning and I'm totally geeking out about it.  If there's a booth or product you want to see, let me know!  I'll try to do some pictures and videos from my phone as well and they'll upload to my regular Facebook profile. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said...

That is so cute!!!

I want to see all of it but mainly Cosmo, OA, Echo Park, Crate, and MME. Have fun! I'm so jealous!