Friday, November 19, 2010

Is it just me...

or is the holiday craziness catching up to everyone else too?  I know that it's early, but I'm trying to be caught up on as much as I can be early this year.  I'm trying to buy gifts and work on decorations now so that when the holiday parties and dinners hit I'm not completely overwhelmed.  Except that I'm overwhelming myself now :)  Oh well.  It still feels great to be getting things done around the house and I know I'll be very happy with how things turn out in the end.
Today I'm going to share the Glue Arts project I made this week.  In keeping with my trying to stay ahead of the game, I decided to use these Crate papers to make the gifts for the teachers at the twins' school.
Now I just need to do some snooping and find out what the teachers' favorite candies are so I can fill the jars with them! 
The jars were purchased at Hobby Lobby (they had a half off sale on all their glassware so they were pretty affordable).  One of the teachers is more girly than the other, so she's getting the one with the flowers on it.  I had fun making these and I think they'll be happy with them.  Much happier than they would have been if I would have waited and then let it get to be too late to make anything for sure :)

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