Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm back and I have a quick Thanksgiving craft for you...

My trip to Houston with Xyron was so much fun!  It flew by and I was totally pooped when I got home, but it was really great.  I have a few pictures of the booth (and my projects!) but first I'd like to share this quick, fun and (almost) free craft.  I did have to buy a frame, but if you've got something laying around that you can use, this is one very inexpensive project.

The picture can be found for free here.  I thought it was really cute so I printed it out at home on some cardstock.  Yesterday I grabbed a matted frame at Marshalls and added a few embellishments to fancy it up a little.  Voila!  I have it sitting on a table in my front hall and I'll be bringing it out every year.

I only got a few pics in Houston, but I thought I'd share.  When I went to take my camera out on the first day my batteries were dead!  I didn't get any pics from dinner the first night, or of my nice hotel room or anything. 
The booth was pretty nice.  I liked all the color and there were cupboards and things for storage that were very handy.  Nothing like not knowing where to put your purse, right?  I had my luggage on me the whole time so it was especially nice to have somewhere to put it.
No pictures of me either!  I'll have to see if I can get the one from the other person that took pics :)

Look at all that fun stuff!

I recognize that wreath!

There were women at this super fancy quilt show checking out my quilt!  How cool is that?
I did do a little shopping (which kind of defeats the purpose of working at the show, but that's okay.  Some of it was for Christmas gifts.  They'll be another project that I'll share as I finish them.

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Cricket said...

Love the Thanksgiving frame idea! I might have to make one for myself!!