Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ditch those plastic veggies bags...

This week Glue Arts and May Arts have teamed up.  I had so much fun playing with their beautiful ribbons!  The first project I made were these muslin veggie bags.  I hate to use the ones at the store and just throw them away and I've been meaning to make some for a while now.  Once I had the ribbon I knew that it would be fun to embellish them a little.  There are so many colors and types of ribbon that you could use a different one for each kind of veggie so you'd know what was in the bag before you opened it :)

Glue Arts Glue Glider pro with Fabri-Tac refill
May Arts ribbon of choice
May Arts cream colored rope
2 muslin squares that are 10" by 15" for each bag
Sewing machine and thread
Fray stopping liquid

1. To make the bag, press in 1/4", then 1" on the top of each muslin piece. This will be the channel that the rope runs though. Sew along the channel bottom, leaving the ends open for the rope to pass through.

2. Sew along the sides and bottom of the bag, avoiding the channel. Turn bag right side out and press.

3. Run a 36" length of rope through the channel and the the ends together in a knot. Add fray stopper to ends of rope. The finished bag will look like this:

4. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the bag to measure the length that needs to be cut to wrap around it. The ribbon should be long enough that there is at least 3-4 inches that overlaps. Attach the ribbon to the bag with the Glue Glider Pro and Fabri-Tac refill, leaving the overlap alone.

5. Take the overlap at fold it into a loop. Attach the loop to the bag with more Fabri-Tac adhesive.

6. Cut a 2-3" piece of matching ribbon and use the Fabri-Tac to attach it to the bag, looped around the seam where the ribbon meets itself on the bag.

7. Heat set the adhesive following package directions.

I'll post the other May Arts/Glue Arts project tomorrow. 


Jocelyn said...

This is awesome!!!

Wishing you a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the veggie bags! I so keep saying I'm going to make some.