Friday, December 17, 2010

More sparkly Christmas trees!

I told you I had a lot of glittery things drying in my craft room :)
These were made for Glue Arts with some amazing paper sent to us by Graphic 45.  They are a little bit time consuming, but the part that takes the longest is one of those things that you can do while you sit and watch TV.  You know I love projects that work like that!

Christmas Tree Set

Designer: Jessica Barnett

Supplies Needed:

Glue Arts hot glue gun

Graphic 45 Christmas Past paper pad

May Arts green faux suede leaves

Silver Pearl trim

Small ornaments

Paper trimmer



Postage stamp shaped punch

Glitter Mod Podge and brush

Liquid glue

Opaque white glitter

Paints that coordinate with chosen papers and brush

Glimmer mist

Paper Mache tree kit or foam trees, pots and dowels to make your own set  (my set was purchased a while back at Oriental Trading)


1. Choose your papers from the stack. You'll need at least one sheet for each tree. I was so excited that colors other than just the traditional red and green were included in this pad!
2. Use the paints and brush to paint the pieces of your tree kit. Paint each tree a color that will coordinate with the paper you're going to use on it. The paint will help hide the natural color of the trees in case you don't get full coverage from your paper pieces. Paint the bases the same color and don't forget to paint the dowels. Allow to dry.

3. Cut the pieces of paper into 1 by 12 inch strips. Cut these strips along the bottom to create a fringe, then cut the strips into smaller pieces, like shingles. The trees can't be covered with the strips when they're still in one piece because the cone shape of the tree doesn't allow them to lay flat. You can hold two of the strips and cut them at the same time if your scissors are sharp.

4. Start at the bottom of your tree and use the Glue Arts hot glue gun to attach the pieces of paper to the form. Curl the ends of the strips up as you go.

5. When your tree is covered, use the brush to give the strips a quick, thin coat of the glitter Mod Podge. Use the brush to fluff up the cut ends as you go so they don't dry flat against the form.

6. Use the bottle of liquid glue to add drops of "snow" to the branches of the trees. The opaque glitter is great for a wintry look.

7. Use a postage stamp shaped punch to make little postcards from one of the sheets of paper, and spray them with the glimmer mist.

8. Use the hot glue gun to attach the postcard shapes and mini ornaments to the tree.

9. Measure the top of each flower pot shaped base and cut a strip of paper to fit it. Attach each strip with the Glue Arts hot glue gun, and then attach a strip of pearl trim under the strip.

10. Use the Glue Arts hot glue gun to attach a small ornament to the top of each tree. A strip of pearl trim can be added to hide and other imperfections near the top of the tree.

11. Cut the May Arts leaves apart and attach to the base of each tree with the Glue Arts hot glue gun.

I hope you like them!  I'll be back soon to post another little idea I had that involves a little sparkle :D

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