Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vintage Groove Jewelry by Making Memories

So on Facebook yesterday I mentioned that I'd have a little something to say this weekend about the Vintage Groove jewelry line that's out now, so here goes...
Recently Making Memories posted something on Facebook asking for people that were near one of twenty cities they listed.  One of those cities was Tempe, so I responded.  That led to me setting up the Vintage Groove jewelry display at the Michael's store at Tempe Marketplace!  The stuff is really cute and there's even an amazing idea book for people that like saying that they're not creative :)  Here's what the set-up looks like

If you don't live in AZ, you can check out the Making Memories Vintage Groove website for other store locations
I got a few samples of the jewelry last week and got the chance to make some things and take pictures of them today.
I love all the little details on the charms.  There's such an big assortment of things, from cameos and rhinestones to pearls and birds.

 There are different metals too.  For this necklace I mixed two chains and just added one pendant.

Be sure to check it out!  The stuff is just amazing and they make it so easy to create your own jewelry that looks like it came from a boutique!

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