Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This month I am taking my first quilt class!  I have been making quilts for a while, but never quite knew what I was doing.  My blocks were always different sizes and nothing ever matched up.  Frustrating!  I've wanted to take a class for a long time and this month I got to do it!
This is the pattern they're teaching this month.  It's called Flower Power.

The only problem with this quilt is that those flowers just don't do it for me :)  I'm making it to go in a guest room, but I still didn't want them on the quilt so I am leaving that row of flowers out (and saving myself a TON of work) and I just added another row of the blocks and a border instead.  The colors I'm going to put in the guest room are a sort of baby blue and red.
Here's my quilt top so far!
And because the color is a little wonky in that one, here's a close up of part of it
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