Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I had never done anything for St. Patrick's Day until I was in high school.  I got a job at Bennigan's my sophomore year and when I showed up for my first St. Pat's I wasn't even wearing green.  I kept getting pinched and EVERYONE that came in wanted to know why I wasn't wearing green.  Apparently having green eyes isn't enough :)  After working there for a total of over four years, I got into the holiday.  It's a fun, crazy night when you work at an Irish bar!
As a grown-up, I don't get to celebrate anymore, but that's okay :D  I did want to do something for the kids this year, so I baked green cupcakes with green sprinkles and I made them these little pot of gold treats.

They were pretty excited.  I actually had some help with these from the lovely and talented Emma :)  My friend and her daughter Emma came over the other day to learn a little about quilting and her Emma was a big help. She painted these and put all the goodies in them while her mom sewed and I ironed. 

Have a great night!

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The Dixons said...

And now Emma is made famous. :)

They turned out really cute! I swear I will get you some pics of our quilt soon too. Really.