Saturday, October 16, 2010

Argyle Pumpkins!

I had originally seen pumpkins like this at a local decor store.  I really wanted to buy some, but the smallest ones were $12 each and I just couldn't swing that.  I ended up buying some of the craft pumpkins (I chose the white ones because they're different and i liked them a lot).  If the pumpkins are out of your budget, wait until after Halloween and keep and eye out for a good clearance sale.  I am totally getting more for next year if I can find them at 75% off!
I used latex artist paints on them (they put the tubes on sale at Michael's all the time), but the black lines on the smaller ones I just drew on with a sharpie.
Now, these aren't prefect straight lines, but that's not what I was going for.  I did a lot freehand.  I started by measuring around the widest part of the pumpkin, then dividing that measurement up evenly.  On the small pumpkins I made a mark every 1.5 inches, but on the large one I made the mark every 4 inches.  Just do whatever you want whether you like the smaller diamonds or larger ones.
I didn't draw lines to fill in, I just made little dots and did everything else freehand with the brush and the marker.
These are very easy to make, and they fit into that category of decorations that I can leave out after Halloween because they're great for fall and aren't covered in bats and skeletons :)


Anonymous said...

Those are ADORABLE!!!

Patricia's Paper Crafts said...

Cute and colorful.